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Bite & Graze Grazing Box

boxes & platters

Bite Around The World’s Boxes and Platters are full of beautiful colours and flavours with incredible quality produce and ingredients. With many different menus which are all customisable based on your favourite items and dietary requirements these boxes and platters can be ordered to enjoy at any occasion.

Our boxes and platters are available for delivery in Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Stevenage and surrounding small towns and villages. Alternatively collection can be arranged from Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Please enquire if your location has not been listed here.

Bite & Graze Grazing Boxes

Our Bite & Graze boxes can be individual or sharing versions of our Bite & Graze Grazing Tables, perfect to feed from 1 to 8 people per box. Our boxes are most popular as a fresh and delicious meal which can be delivered to your door. Whether it's a treat for yourself, a gift for a loved one, to enjoy at a gathering, celebration or a lunch for your employees, our Bite and Graze boxes are perfect. 


Breakfast Graze Box.JPG
Bite Around The World Classic Graze Platter.jpg

Grazing Platters

Our grazing platters are perfect for events or gatherings for numbers between 5 + people per platter. Ready to eat with pre sliced cheeses makes the platters easy and fuss free for your next sociable occasion. Create your own MULTI PLATTER GRAZING TABLE with a selection of our platters, which are delivered ready made on disposable board. This adds lots of flavours for your guests to enjoy with something for everyone.


Our Bite & Graze platters arrive already prepared in a disposable box, therefore perfect if space or time is tight or if the event is already taking place. 

We also have lots of additional extras to add to your platters, more information about this can be found below.


Optional Extras

​Take your Bite & Graze Boxes or Platters to the next level by adding on the following:

  • Extra cheeses or Charcuterie - each box includes a minimum of 3 types of cheeses & charcuterie - add extra for £3.00 per person


  • Artisan scotch eggs £3.00 per person


  • Breads & Dips - selection of different types of breads and homemade dips to go alongside your Bite & Graze for an extra £6.00 per 2 people. 


  • Eco Friendly Cutlery, napkins & plates for £1.50 per person

  • Add a touch of Luxury with honeycomb - £4.50

  • Gift Wrap your box with a handwritten note and locally dried flowers  - perfect for gifts for loved ones!


Bite Around The World Fruit and Crudites Platters
Bite Around The World Valentines Special Grazing Box

Themed Boxes & Platters

Valentines day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Christmas you name it! We love a theme.  Themed menus are exclusive menus for a specific occasion and they will be announced approximately 2 weeks before each celebration - sign up to our newsletter or look at our social media for up to date information on our themed boxes.

Do you have a theme for your event or gathering? Let us know and we can get creative as we love bespoke themed orders!


Our boxes are perfect for feeding 1-8 people and our platters are perfect for 5+ people

fancy a bit extra? 

why not try our grazing tables

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