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Farquhar Mansion @ George Town

/George Town, Penang is famous for its food scene within Malaysia across the world, so as keen foodies we were very excited to include the UNESCO site into our journey across South East Asia. With many delicious street food options, china town and little India. We were in traveller heaven, let alone food blogger heaven and we could not wait to try it all.

We started to look into what made Penang unique, as it is very heavily influenced by neighbouring countries, when we came across Farquhar Mansion. A unique contemporary fine dining restaurant which plays a very big part of George Town's culture and is very well known across Malaysia. Farquhar Mansion focuses on providing innovative menus pushing creative boundaries, surprising diners and appealing to all senses, using combinations of flavours never seen before, providing aromas of art through the presentation while maintaining the luxury and elegance of fine dining. Farquhar Mansion are changing the view of fine dining in Malaysia in their mansion built in the 1970's and are creating a unforgettable experience for all guests. So... we had to visit!

We opted for the new Chef's Tasting Menu, both the meat and vegetarian option which is a 6 course dining experience which we were so excited to enjoy as we could try a full range of different dishes and experience the best of Farquhar Mansion. This is what the menus look like:

and just in case they didn't sound good enough...

For a unique dining experience, we would definitely recommend trying the tasting menu as lets face it, why would you want to try one dish when you can try 6?! The whole experience was incredible, from the interior of the mansion, to the outstanding service and the delicious food. The detail which goes into each dish is honestly mind blowing, everything is made in house - even the goats cheese which is made daily. This just shows the level of dedication and detail that Farquhar Mansion are providing to share their unique experiences, making it clear why they have such a huge presence in Penang's famous food culture.

We absolutely loved the diversity of the food culture in Penang and it was so great to have the opportunity to experience the both sides of the spectrum street food to fine dining, which is so important to understand the whole food scene. Thank you so much to Tako, Joram and the rest of the team for an evening we will never forget.


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